Trew Music | Incredible, Fantastic Experience

Trew Music "Incredible, Fantastic Experience"

Now, in a new phase of his musical career, Trew finds himself gaining worldwide attention. His talents, determination and unique style have opened opportunities for him to write jingles and be featured as a model for clothing companies such as Ecko, LAYOP, and Local celebrity. As of recent, Trew has written songs for soundtracks for Sony Motion Pictures and toured with rock band "Kid is Qual", as well as Pop-Rock bands "The Audition" "Valencia" and "Promise of Redemption". Trew represents the breath of fresh air the music industry has so desperately been waiting on. He continues to combine his head nodding feel good music with trend setting style into a formula that is guaranteed to blur lines and bring the FRESH back to music. We are honored to present Trew Muic in his newest video ... get the free mixtape here.


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